Clear Waters, Natural Taste To The Last Drop.

Thank you for choosing Clear Waters.
Clear Waters is produced from our own artesian well, processed through six stages; firstly through a three stage natural filtration systems then reversed osmosis, ozonization and UV sterilization.



Our water purification system is designed to produce water within the specification for human consumption. State-of-the-art aeration and filtration system, twice carbon filtration with the most unique technology using reverse osmosis, ozonation and U.V. sterilization, is used to give the water a distinct taste.
Each batch of water is organoleptic tested before bottling commences. Micro-B and chemical analysis tests are carried out along with quality checks.
Clear Waters has now reached all three (3) counties of Guyana and at the most affordable prices and sizes to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. Presently, we are creating a door-to-door service targeting our senior citizens and housewives with our easy-to-handle 3 gallon bottles.
Drinking Clear Waters is following the future for all of us!

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International Awards

Clear Waters have won two awards for its excellent product thus far. Clear Waters is the proud winner of the International Quality Crown Award and the most recent award being The Global Award For Perfection, Quality & Ideal Performances.


Dear Valued Customers,
Prices for our clear waters refill bottles varies because of delivery cost to the different geographic regions of
Guyana. For this reason if at anytime you feel that your purchase cost in your region is exceeding high, please
feel free to contact our commercial office for further assistance. Your information will be important to use since
We are serving you the customers.


Contact Information

Commercial Office Numbers:
Tel# :233-2762, 233-2854, 225-0746-8

Office Address:
Lot 81-83 Eccles Industrial Site.
Telephone Number: 2332854/233-2762